Wheelchairs for Seniors in Need

Saving Our Seniors constantly receives donated gently used wheelchairs of all varieties. We offer these for a nominal fee (3% of monthly income) to seniors who have no other means to obtain them.  We will deliver to seniors near Tampa, St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Bradenton, and Sarasota.  Fill out our application to see if you qualify for delivery. If at all possible, you can also purchase a used wheelchair for a reduced price in our online store.

Transport (Companion) Wheelchair –  This type of wheelchair that is defined by four small wheels – brakes on the back of the wheelchair must have another person to unlock/lock brakes – very lightweight and easy to get in and out of the car.

Manual Wheelchair –  Self-propulsion which allows independence locking and unlocking of breaks – are provided with two leg rests (elevated or standard)

Tilt/Space Wheelchair –  Facilitate feeding and respiratory functions, reduce pressure beneath the pelvis, and improve visual alignment by holding the head upright.

Electric Wheelchairs –  Each Wheelchair is provided with two new batteries and a charger. All different types are within our inventory – has a joystick for driving.

Electric Scooter – Three and Four Wheels are in our inventory, comes with a basket on some – each is services, provided new batteries and charger.

Electric Tilt/Space Power Wheelchair – this type of chair provides very specific benefits for both the wheelchair user and caregiver – users with insufficient strength and reposition themselves can be tilted easily by a weight shift and chair options.


Thank you for giving me a power scooter – i now have the freedom to get out of my house before i couldn’t walk far distances. – Elaine S. Tampa FL