Available Equipment


If you are a senior need of a wheelchair but can’t afford it, call us.  We will deliver one for a nominal fee of 3% of your monthly income.  If you also need a cushion, we would request a 5% donation.  Items can be kept as long as you need them.

We offer the following types of wheelchairs:

  • Transport – Lightweight for someone to push.  They utilze smaller wheels and weight as little as 19#.
  • Standard – The most frequently used wheelchairs made for use in everyday life.

Fill out an application for delivery within 5 days if approved.


Saving Our Seniors has over 100 walkers ready for delivery to seniors.  We have:

  • Standard
  • Rolling
  • 4-Wheel
  • 3-Wheel
  • Hemi

Due to insurance denials and Medicare guidelines, seniors are often not able to afford these items out-of-pocket due to a fixed income.  We take donations of lightly used walkers and redistribute them to those who really need them.

We request a nominal payment of 3% of a participants monthy income to offset delivery and cleaning costs.

Fill out an application for approval and within 5 days, your items will be delivered.

Home Hospital Bed

Saving Our Seniors is providing hospital beds to seniors in need. Once a senior applies for a hosptial bed through Medicare they are held responsible for a deductible of $250.00 a month up to a year. Once a senior pays the monthly fee after 12 months he/she owns the device. Saving Our Seniors is providing a one time fee ranging from $200.00 to$500.00 based on their monthly income. Seniors are able to pay in installments.

We offer manual beds with up and down and mechanical with the up and down of head.

Call today and within 5 days your hospital bed will be delivered and you can keep for as long as you need. Call us when you no longer require the device and we will even pick it up from you.

Fill out the application today.

Power Wheelchairs

We offer power wheelchairs for seniors in need.  If you have recently been denied by insurance or are unable to pay the deductible, we can provide one for a flat rate based on your yearly income.

Hoyer Lifts

Saving Our Seniors has your medical equipment needs with one click.  We offer the hydraulic hoyer lift for  a donation of $75.00 that can be made in installments if unable to pay at one time fee.

We also offer a power hoyer lift  for a donation as little as $250.00 and up based on your income.

All hoyer lifts come with the slings and provided some training on how to use the lift approprtiately.  Once a payment plan is established items will be delivered to your home within 5 days. Please fill out the application and within 5 days your items will be delivered to your home.