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Filling The Gap Between Medicare And No Care.

No Senior Should Go Without!

We trace our success as a company to the simple and enduring philosophy that aging is a gift. The wealth of knowledge and experience that comes with age is a gift to the individual & the family.

We work to provide an environment that supports the whole person—mind and heart, as well as body.

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Help Seniors by Saving Money on used Medical Equipment.

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Help Us Grow. Watch Us Shine!

Your Help Is Needed In So Many Ways!

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From Dependence To Independence

Gently Used Medical Equipment & Supplies
  1. Meeting Mobility Needs

    A wheel chair or walker can make an enormous difference in a senior’s life.

  2. Meeting Daily Care Needs

    Discounted healthcare and OTC medical supplies for daily living.

  3. Empowering  Independence

    You can change the life of a senior in need by donating time, money or supplies.

SOS At A Glance

Learn about us

Throughout her more than ten years of experience as an occupational therapy assistant in the Tampa Bay area, Kelli Casto experienced firsthand the high number of seniors that were forced to go without the necessary medical equipment to maintain independence at home and optimal health. This was caused by financial hardships, lack of availability, long wait lists, and denial of funding from Medicare. Lack of necessary medical equipment leads to a much higher risk of readmittance into hospitals and rehab centers. Frustrated by the healthcare system’s inefficiencies and lack of proper support for underserved and low-income seniors, Ms. Casto founded Saving Our Seniors (“SOS” or the “Organization”) in 2016 in her one bedroom apartment.

  • Must be a resident of Pinellas ,Pasco, Manatee, Sarasota, or Hillsborough counties.
  • The senior has no insurance, limited insurance coverage, or limited financial resources.
  • All equipment must be used solely by the applicant.
  • Each applicant must be 55 and over with disability or 65 + and makes less than $1500.00 per monthly income .

The mission of SOS is to be help seniors regain and maintain a healthy and independent lifestyle to improve their overall quality of life in and outside of their home.

It is the Organization’s assertion that everybody should be treated equally despite their age or economic status.

SOS fills the gap between Medicare and financial limitations with a focus on providing more independence to seniors who would normally have to remain sedentary or face reinjury due to the unavailability of proper equipment to improve care options.

There are many ways you can support our mission. We always welcome cash donations. We're a not for profit, so your donations are tex deductible. But you can always donate your time as a volunteer. We have opportunities in our warehouse, as a driver delivering or picking up equipment, or assisting with events and promotions.

We are always looking for donations of gently used equipment, and if you prefer you can be a volunteer "finder" assisting us with locating equipment that will help fulfill our mission.


“Kelli Casto is an incredible person, who has dedicated herself to SOS. Yesterday and today, I had the pleasure to help her with equipment deliveries. It was the most humbling and rewarding experience. It would be awesome if SOS could get more volunteers to help
with deliveries. Trust me, it will be a very rewarding experience just to see the smiles from those individuals you help. My heart is full!
Are you up for the challenge? God Bless you Kelli!”

Teresa Chiavacci, PTA

Teresa Chiavacci, PTA


“I am so thankful for Saving Our Seniors! I had looked into many different options for a patient who was constantly sliding out of her
current standard wheelchair and needed a high back reclining wheelchair. I filled out the easy to navigate, SOS application online, and
Kelli wrote me back immediately. She said she would look to see if she had what I needed, and if so, it would be delivered the next
day. Kelli kept me updated on the wheelchair delivery, and the wheelchair was perfect… Kelli saved my senior patient from falls, possible injuries and hospitalizations. I am so thankful we have such a great organization in our community.”

Pei Pei Rosseway

Pei Pei Rosseway


“For a small donation, we were able to provide a much needed lift chair that would have been a nightmare to get reimbursed for
through Medicaid. Saving Our Seniors picked up the chair and delivered it to the senior in need. It was a wonderful blessing. We were
happy to donate the chair to offset their costs. I’m donating my time and energy to this organization because I believe in it. I’m also
sharing the news of this wonderful organization because every soul matters.”

JoJo Frediani

JoJo Frediani

JW Cole Financial